Lookers Landrover Colchester : Warning!

After what can only be described as a horrible experience with Lookers Landrover Colchester, and finally being offered a pathetic price for them to buy a car back from me after purchasing it only 4 months ago at a loss of nearly 20,000, its time to warn other customers what to expect when you deal with Lookers Landrover in Colchester, UK.

Yes, thats right.. I bought a Range Rover Sport Autobiography from Lookers Landrover Colchester and paid 50,000. This was the vehicle that Lookers sold to me after initially spending 140,000 on a Range Rover SVO that broke down on the way home from the dealership, then with a plethora of electrical, mechanical and build quality issues resulting in the car spending more time at the dealership than on my driveway, I had enough.

When I went to collect the car after it was apparently fixed, I was not suprised that not only were most of the issues not fixed, but it had developed even more issues. Enough is enough and after being told that they "cant fix it", Lookers accepted thier lemon back and refunded me in full.

After all the inconvenience, the salesman Kim Wymark, called to offer me a great deal on a 65 plate Range Rover Sport Autobigraphy. I work in Spain so I wanted to know about the car, would it breakdown, what faults did it have that have now been fixed on servicing etc... as I am driving back to Spain.... "Its been through the workshop, everything is fine" and so I drove up from Southern Spain to collect the car.

I thought it strange that the cars spare key was slid into the boot just before I drove off (after the floor mats had been misplaced) just as the dealership was closing, and only as I started comparing the car listing details did I notice that some of the upgrade features listed as being on the car, were infact not on the car at all.

A test of the spare key showed why it was slid in the boot as I drove away, it didnt work and on contacting Lookers Landrover, I was advised that they knew it didn't work, and If I could spend my time and money getting a new key, they would try to cover the cost. Having not even covered 1000 miles, I start getting warning messages on the dashboard with Suspension error messages, airbag error messages and then finally the last straw, the oil puddle on the driveway.

After the debacle with the SVO, I contacted the Lookers dealership and was told "call assistance".. nothing to do with us, but being not happy with this, I advised that this car has as many issues as the last one I purchased from them and I wanted them to accept this car back as "Rejected" or they could just buy the car back from me to fix and then resell, even it it meant I would take a small loss (not a 40% loss).

I was told by Kim Whymark that he would come back to me, weeks went by, messages ignored, followed by a few excuses and when I said I was sending the car back, Mark Watts, the sales manager sent me an email saying that they would not accept my rejection, but they would buy the car back from me, for nearly 20,000 less than what I had paid just a few months previously. The months that had gone by, were as a direct result of Lookers themselves, engineering delays themselves. I would have sold the car back to them the next week....

Without saying, I dont think its right that a main dealership, who supplied this car to me after all the issues with the SVO as a way to "keep me with the brand" and knowing that I spend much of my time in another country, can knowingly supply a car with many faults, and then offer me 20,000 less than what I paid only a few months and a few thousand miles later.

All photos, texts, emails showing how they treat their customers will be posted shortly and any comments you have of your experience with the Lookers Landrover dealership, please send so we can post on the website.

Send email to: info@lookerslandrover.com

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